Review of Restriction: Age Of Magic (The Rise of Magic Book 1)

I just finished reading Restriction: Age Of Magic (The Rise of Magic Book 1) by CM Raymond, LE Barbant and Michael Anderle.📚

Hannah is a teenager living in the city of New Arcadia. She tends for her sickly brother and lives with him under the roof of her alcoholic and abusive father. Her mother died some time ago, and she needs to earn money for the family. The only way to earn an income is by hustling in the city due to the restrictive laws of the city hero.

When her brother collapses in the middle of the city square, and she unintentionally heals him with magic, her problems get more consequential. Cornered into a corner by city corrupt city officials and accused of unlawful sorcery, she gets saved by the Founder. A near-mystical figure returned from a 40-year long quest.

The book is a good idea but executed poorly. Hannah feels like somebody from today transplanted into the middle age, and it is jarring at times. Especially the curses, they don’t fit with the rest of the book. Also, the teaching and learning of new magic happen unrealistically fast. The Art of the Adept series handled this way better.


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