Review of Winter's Heart, The Wheel of Time, Book 9

Review of Winter’s Heart, The Wheel of Time, Book 9 audiobook 📚.

The saga continues. Perin needs too cope with missing his wife and makes plans to get her back. Elayne arrives in Caemlyn, starting the succession arc. Mat still tries to flee Ebou Dar and meet his future wife. And Rand plans something big, but first, he needs to hunt down some renegade Asha’man.

I like this book, as it brings the story forward, and the ending with cleaning the taint on the male source is epic, also, like the scene in chapter twelve where the Elayne, Aviendha, and Min bond Rand. We have a lighter part after all this depressing and evil things happening before.

And the paragraph in chapter seventeen, when mat meets Tuon for the first time, is also a highlight in this book. Especially as he still does not know who she is.


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