Review of Extinction Game, The Apocalypse Duology book 1

I just finished reading Extinction Game: The Apocalypse Duology: Book One by Gary Gibson.📚

A good idea and perfect execution! Jerry is the last human on Earth. He managed to survive a global pandemic created by a sect. Until one day, he finds footprints in his backyard.

The book starts slow but takes up its pace towards the middle. I liked the POV of Jerry quite a lot – he is an interesting character, perhaps a bit naive but certainly not stupid.

I also like the other characters he meets later on and how everybody coped differently with his or her situation of being the last human on Earth.

And navigating via multiple Earth via strange artifacts you don’t understand will certainly never cause any issues ;-). The story does not have many surprises but is undoubtedly enjoyable. Mainly it is quite apparent who are the bad actors in this book.


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