Review of Survival Game, The Apocalypse Duology book 2

I just finished reading Survival Game (The Apocalypse Duology Book 2) by Gary Gibson.📚

Katya is on the run from the Russian Empire. She is a scientist working on a secret project for the Zar. They want her to fix an old artifact, which can send you to every alternate universe you want. Unfortunately, this artifact has some significant drawbacks and can cause the extinction of the Imperium and the Authority.

At the beginning of this book, I was not happy with the change of the POV, as I wanted to read more from Jerry. But he still plays a significant role in this book. And after I got to know Katya better, I started to like her as well.

The second book is nearly as good as the first issue and is a logical extension of the ideas from the first part. They make progress next to all this, running around and being prisoners. And I enjoyed reading this book as well.


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