Review of Doomsday Game, The Apocalypse Duology Book 3

I just finished reading Doomsday Game (The Apocalypse Duology Book 3) by Gary Gibson.📚

This book action takes place multiple years after the first two issues. The Authority has found an alternate Earth and is working on its evacuation plan. But as always, not everything wants to follow the program. And they need again fight new and old enemies. And there is still the question concerning the Pathfinders. What will happen to them at the end of the day?

The writing quality drops quite a lot in the second act. Not sure why, it could be because it is from a different POV, and the author is trying to show the various characters. But the internal monology suddenly sounds like written by a child. Luckily it goes back up towards the end.

The end of the book comes quite abruptly. But I liked how it gives closure to the characters and the reader. It was a good series, and I overall liked the writing style of the author. The story also managed to stay on a good quality level, unlike some other series.


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