Review of Catfishing on CatNet: A Novel (A CatNet Novel Book 1)

I just finished reading Catfishing on CatNet: A Novel (A CatNet Novel Book 1) by Naomi Kritzer.📚

Imagine a social network managed and organized by an AI that collects cat pictures and is for once not out to kill all humans. And then there are Steph one of the members of this page. She lives together with her mother and is on the run from an abusive father. Unable to make friends in each new school, she comes as she anyway will move on in a week or month. She finds her family in CatNet.

I like this book. It is well written and has convincing characters. And it is quite different from most of the other YA books out there. I indeed noted the absence of any love triangles. Instead, it concentrates on the conflict and side-effects constant moving and running away has on a teenager’s life.

I also feel at home in the description of the group of friends Steph has found. A group of misfits not finding direct connection in the physical world and instead of searching for alternatives online. And I think this is handled quite well in the text.

And we have an AI managing everything, but for once, the AI is not sinister, and no singularity is arising. The AI is also searching connections and friendship and looks quite human in doing so.


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