Review of Bel Canto

I just finished reading Bel Canto by Ann Patchett.📚

A birthday party for a Japanese industry boss goes the wrong way. In the middle of the party, the terrorist shows up – not to kidnap him but kidnap the country’s president. Unfortunately, the terrorist source was wrong about the president’s location, and what should have been short in and out situation turns into a multi-week hostage situation. And then there is also an opera singer who enchants everyone.

I liked this book and also how the author describes the characters. The book’s idea is so out of the world that you want to know how it works out. Unfortunately, I was not happy with the ending. I had this book on my list of best books for the year, but the last two chapters moved it away again from that list or certainly down some places.

Each of the characters is a successful human, as measured by the success criteria of our society. But due to the kidnapping, they are forced to take a break from the usual routine, and they start to find new facets and interests. So we have a company vice president turned piano player, and the Japanese boss finds his true love.


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