Review of Knife of Dreams, The Wheel of Time, Book 11

Review of Knife of Dreams, The Wheel of Time, Book 11 audiobook 📚.

In this book, the story continues to follow Matt on his travel out of Ebou Dar and how he starts to earn his respect from Tuon. He also asks Tom about the letter he is continually looking at, marking the start of a new plotline. Perrin releases his wife, and with this finishes, the slog. Rand tries to meet with the daughter of the nine moons, which does not go as planned. Egwene starts teaching the Tower Aes Sedai what it means to be Aes Sedai ;-). And Elayne further works on securing her throne and being reckless for one last time.

I like this book mostly because it marks an end to the “Release Faile” storyline, and Perrin goes back to use his brain instead of being miserable. I also like the Seanchan General he allies with – it shows that not every Seanchan is terrible.

Also happy that Mat is making progress. Both physically on his travels but also with Tuon. And then he finally asks Tom about his letter, and we learn it’s contents. I’m looking forward to this plotline as well.

Oh, and Loial is finally found by his mother and his wife to be. It is nice to have something positive happen once in a while.


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