Review of Promises To Keep: After the EMP (Disruption Trilogy Book 3)

I just finished reading Promises To Keep: After the EMP (Disruption Trilogy Book 3) by R.E. McDermott.📚

The last part of an excellent series so far and this issue also contains some surprises. I like that the author does not make the story longer. He certainly could. I certainly recommend this series when you want to read end of world scenarios. It contains some massive battles, but we don’t get pages upon pages with strategy guides like other books.

Please note that the rest of this text contains SPOILERS for the whole series.

For each of the main groups of survivors, we get a clear ending at times it looks like some of the groups won’t survive, and I started preparing myself for this event.

But after I’ve arranged myself with having most of the main cast wiped out towards the end of the book, the author still found a way to let them survive – now I’m not sure if I’m ok with this. I would have fought this to be a more realistic finish for the series. And strangely, I’m usually all for happy endings in a story. But I think it would have made the story more realistic.


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