On Note Taking

I’ve had a look at Obsidian this week, and I like it – but like with every other note-taking app, I’m missing the spatial and graphical part. It allows me to link my notes and display them as a graph. But what I want and need is a hybrid to between a text editor and a vector drawing program.

My primary tool right now for note-taking is Omni Graffle. It allows me to place text blocks anywhere on an infinite plane. But I can also add arrows and other drawings and tables if needed. The downside here is that it does not support markdown, and I cannot easily create links between words.

Example user interface

This week, I was dreaming about an app to put text documents onto an infinite plane and link between them. All the saved data is in a folder, so it is text file-based (essential), and it would display the content of that folder as a big graph/mindmap with a zoom level going from just headlines all the way to fully displayed text.

Example user interface

Now I need the energy actually to code a MVP of this to try it out. I think it could work and be a valuable tool – at least for my brain. It would help me.


@V_ I can't help but think of Curio. May be overkill, and no iOS version, but for visual notes and such it's pretty great. Supports markdown, too.

by jack on

@jack Thanks for the link, I did not know about this app need to check it out. And it certainly goes into the direction. And it also has some of the "advanced" ideas I also had already in it.

by V_ on

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