Review of Slated: Book 1 (Slated Trilogy)

I just finished reading Slated: Book 1 (Slated Trilogy) by Teri Terry.📚

Kayla gets a second chance. The slate has been cleaned after nine months in the hospital, and she is finally ready to meet her new parents. Kayla has been slated a technic that allows removing all memories of a person, giving them a blank slate to start over again.

The book is a page-turner, and I could not stop reading it. I liked the main character and Kayla’s story. And I was happy that the love story was not such a big part of the book.

What I don’t understand is why they have so many underage terrorists. According to the book, slating can only be done until 16 and only used for severe crimes. This whole concept smells fishy to me. I hope the second issue will highlight this some more.


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