Review of Shattered: Book 3 (Slated Trilogy)

I just finished reading Shattered: Book 3 (Slated Trilogy) by Teri Terry.📚

This book completed the story of Kayla. She finally gets to know her mother, but the reunion is only short, as her cover gets blown again. Can she outrun her captors?

The third book is back on the level of the first issue. It is quite an action rich last part. Some unexpected revelations explain the motivation for some of the characters. Plus, after being unhappy with the second book, I’m quite glad I still gave the last book a change!

The book poses some crucial questions regarding how dictators and bullies get away with what they are doing:

No one ever says anything. Isn’t this the biggest problem of all? If we all stood up–everyone in the whole country–and said, stop; this is enough, every time something happened, wouldn’t it stop?

and also

What if everyone in this car had said, together: no, you can’t take them. Could we have stopped it? The answer might have been yes, for a few minutes. But they’d have reinforcements at the next station; we’d all be arrested and taken away. We’d face the same fate she will. Is that a good enough reason to say nothing? What if every person in the country said no, all at once…

I like the worldbuilding of this series and the overall idea and execution. Excluding the middle part, which had some length, I can recommend this series if you search for more books to read.


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