Review of Aurora Rising (The Aurora Cycle Book 1)

I finished reading Aurora Rising (The Aurora Cycle Book 1) by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff.📚

After a slow start where we get to know the characters, the book takes on steam, and we follow squad 312, taking our main hero Auri to safety. Auri is a young girl who got lost in cryo transit to a remote eath colony. Tyler, the squad leader, finds she again two decades later. Soon after, the Terran secret service takes an interest in her. And she flees the station together with squad 312.

The book is more fantasy in space than science fiction right now, but I take no issue. I liked the characters, and unlike the other book by Jay Kristoff, the characters here do not use such a strange and not fitting language. I only found one location where the action of a person threw me out of the book.

Overall I’ve enjoyed the story, and I plan on reading the next issue.


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