Review of Station Alpha: A Sci-Fi Dystopian Mystery (Miles & Breaker Book 1)

I finished reading Station Alpha: A Sci-Fi Dystopian Mystery (Miles & Breaker Book 1) by Nicole Adrianne.📚

A book about Miles and Jana, two teenagers in a future world: Miles is from the earth, and Jana is born on Space Station Alpha. Due to good results in his last school year, Miles can switch to the school on Station Alpha and joins with Jana into the same class.

Jana is the best pupil in the school system, and as such, she is quite famous. The author never explains how she got to be the perfect student. And generally, this first issue creates a lot more questions than it answers. I fear this is again one book cut into thrids to drive more sales - and it works, I want to know how it ends.

Between the lines, we get some hints that there is something off. The worst student of each class will lose his spot on the space station each year. And I’m not yet sure how this will turn out now that we only have two students in a class. Sounds like quite a wasteful education system ;-)


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