Review of Without A Summer (Glamourist Histories Series Book 3)

I just started reading Without A Summer (Glamourist Histories Series Book 3) by Mary Robinette Kowal.📚

Jane and her husband Vincent travel to London to handle a commission by an Irish Baron. They decide to take Melody – Jane’s sister – with them to enjoy London and find an eligible husband for her.

The author changed the writing style and tone again in this book. Compared to the second issue, this book is nearer to the first book. For most of the book, nothing is happening - apart from Jane’s not entirely clear and possible fishy observation. But instead of acting on them and talking to the people surrounding her, she dismisses her hunches :-(

We also see interesting 1800 conspiration theories about the cold weather, which are quite entertaining to read in 2020. Not that our problems with the climate are funny. It’s just the parallels of how the people react to it.

I’m feeling a bit let down by this issue after the excellent second book. But I still want to know how it develops further, so I give the next issue another chance.


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