Review of Attack Surface

I finished reading Attack Surface by Cory Doctorow.📚

Another book in the Little Brother universe, this makes me happy :-). In this book, Masha Maximow is the main character. She made different choices in her life, and people got hurt because of that. On the other hand, not everything in her life is terrible. She is just not sure on which side she wants to stand.

Masha works for an InfoSec company and is responsible for upgrading software for a dictator. And in her off time, she helps the repressed citizens of the same state evade the spying software.

I liked to get some additional reading material playing in the Little Brother world. This book gives a more realistic view of what happens if a state is targetting you. It is nearly impossible for a citizen to protect himself against such attacks. As written in the book, the attacker only needs to find one little hole in your defenses. In contrast, you, as the defender, need to be perfect 100% all the time. So it is crucial to have clear laws in place to protect us from such methods.

Laws are meant to protect us, so we need to be diligent for all spy sectors' attacks to make the laws weaker or remove them altogether; this is one of the messages I see in this book. The second message is that nothing is either 100% percent good or bad. You always need to earn a living, and sometimes this leads to compromising your values. But it is never too late to reevaluate your positions and do something about it.


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