Review of Sunlight (Titans, Cranes & Monsters Games)

I recently finished reading Sunlight (Titans, Cranes & Monsters Games) by Kristian Joseph.📚

In a world in chaos, we observe how the last democracy is on the verge of collapse. We follow the journey of Sam Royle, an ill man without any memory of his life. Nathan Sahl, the Chief of Defence, needs to decide between his friends and his family as the consequences of his choices start to unfold. Then there is Lydia Jacobs, a soldier who begins a quest for revenge after receiving a phone call from her father.

The book has a slow start, and it does not explain everything which is going on. The writing style reminded me of The Broken Earth series by N.K. Jemisin. The beginning of the book is written more like short glimpses into the mind of our main characters. You get to see some of what is essential for them.

I liked how the characters are set up and what motivates them. Also, you feel the conflict they are in – especially with Nathan Sahl. But I think my favorite person in the book is Sam because you don’t know where his plot should lead initially.


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