Review of Crown of Secrets (The Hidden Mage Book 1)

I finished reading Crown of Secrets (The Hidden Mage Book 1) by Melanie Cellier.📚

This spinoff of the “The Spoken Mage” series, following the life of the younger daughter Verene of Elena and Lucas. She was born without any magical ability and struggles with this fact for most of her life. At age 16, she decided to spend her time at the academy in Kallorway instead of her home country. She hopes that she managed to create an alliance with the neighboring country as the crown prince is also attending the academy.

Ok, I’m not so happy with this book. After reading the four issues of the other series that were very good, the book felt a bit like a rehash. We again have somebody in the academy who does not belong. And there is also a prince :-)

The book got better towards the end, but I could still not get warm with the main character. Verene feels a bit flat and moody throughout the book.


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