The DJ achieved once again a perfect cross-fade of the music.

#mbnov ✍️


    @V_ We keep trying! Some days it seems easy. Some days, nothing but train wrecks.

    by djwudi on

    @djwudi cool. Are These still done by hand today? I was thinking about a radio station when writing it this morning. I was suspecting; it's all automated today.

    by V_ on

    @V_ It depends is probably the best answer. For standard broadcast radio, I wouldn't be surprised if it was mostly or entirely automated. I’m a former club DJ, current home/Twitch DJ, and while the software has automated options, the personal touch is still a big part.

    by djwudi on

    @djwudi Yes makes sense. Btw I like your mbnov entires just found them now.

    by V_ on

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