Review of Power of Pen and Voice: A Spoken Mage Companion Novel (The Spoken Mage Book 5)

I finished reading Power of Pen and Voice: A Spoken Mage Companion Novel (The Spoken Mage Book 5) by Melanie Cellier.📚

Our heroes from the main series celebrate Elena and Lucas’s betrothal when the Sekali empire’s princes burst into the ballroom. She is heavily injured. She and Elena’s brother Jasper were on the journey back to the kingdom when an unknown force ambushed their party. Jasper and the princes are taken hostages but later manage to flee their captors.

A new team is created to investigate what happened. Both Saffron and Julian are assigned to join this new party. Soon, they encounter the first of these mysterious abductors and realize that their usual tactics do not work as expected against this new foe. And with each step further into the mountains, the mystery is getting bigger.

This book brings a new viewpoint into the world of Ardann, which I quite liked. The author has written it differently and uses the POV of the two main characters Saffron and Julian. I would have appreciated it when she used only one point of view, as it felt like a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter when the POV switched. And having the story told by two characters in the same location also causes some repetition in the content. On the other hand, it was indeed a refreshing change to the other four books.

The story told in this book is a love story. The adventure around it is just a means to bring our two characters into the same place and location. I’ve liked the extension of the magic concept introduced in this book. But due to it not being the main point of the story, the adventure plot solution felt rushed at the end.

Overall a good book. I certainly was glad to get more to read from this world.


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