Review of Firstborn Academy: Shadow Trials

I just finished reading Firstborn Academy: Shadow Trials by Isla Frost.📚 The world was taken over by magical beings called world walkers.

Since then, humankind has a hard time. The main protagonist is called Nova. She is a firstborn human child living in the ruins of Los Angeles. As the firstborn child of the family, she needs to be given up to the walkers as soon as she turns 17. What happens with all these young children? Nobody knows as none has returned so far. So with a heavy heart, Nova and Ameline, her best friend, take farewell from her family and enter the transportation device toward an unknown future.

“Being raised as a sacrifice—being honored and grieved and cherished and isolated—knowing my path was not my own to choose, had given me a different perspective.”


Please note that from here on out, the text can contain spoilers of the book.

I liked the setup of the story. We soon learn a bit more what the task of the firstborn will be but not very much. Nova and Ameline are now at a magical school and need to learn magic and survival skills. But it is not yet explained why this is required.

From the description text on Amazon, I expected that in the end, they all need to fight a big fight until the death – this did not happen. So I don’t quite see the link to the Hunger Games books and Harry Potter. This nook plays not in the same league; this is not a bad thing. I actually enjoyed the book anyway. What I did not like was the abrupt ending.

The main character Nova is quite likable. She is thrown into an unfamiliar situation but managed to formulate a plan and act on it. I also liked that this book did not contain a love on the first sight love story. I see some signs of a possible love interest in the future. But in this issue, there was not much mentioned.

Overall, I liked this book. But expect to need to read the two other issues as well to get a complete story.


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