Review of Firstborn Academy: Shadow Witch

I finished reading Firstborn Academy: Shadow Witch by Isla Frost.📚

Having passed the first three months of the academy, the Nova and her friends participate in a special transformation ritual. The ritual enhances the participants' magic ability and, in seldom cases, also creates new and special wildcard powers. What power will Nova receive? And how will the rest of the world react to them?


Please note that from here on out, the text can contain spoilers of the book.

In the middle part of this series, the learning continues but is now a bit less deadly. Nova is stunned by most other students and teachers because of her unique new ability. Some students actively start to murder her. And nobody wants to help her, which I find a bit unbelievable and unrealistic. The later part of the book explains this situation a bit, but I still feel the teachers could have done more for her.

We finally get an explanation about the bigger picture in this book. It changes the initial context quite a bit. But still, the walkers are strange and arrogant. You have a problem, then why not talk and explain to the humans instead of just take over the planet?


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