Review of Firstborn Academy: Shadow Reaper

I finished reading Firstborn Academy: Shadow Reaper by Isla Frost.πŸ“š

In the series last book, the academy survivors move to the frontlines of the war against the Malus. They are now soldiers and divided into multiple units. Can Nova fulfill the hope vested in here and destroy the Malus for good?


Please note that from here on out, the text can contain spoilers of the book.

The final book has two main points, experimenting with Nova’s ability and how to use it against the Malus. And also, the love story is now starting in earnest. Nova grows once more in this book, which I quite liked. While experimenting, she realizes that she cannot fight the Malus alone; it needs the whole team:

“The prophecy might only mention two of us that were needed, but this was a group effort. Change would not be wrought by a few individuals but by thousands of them working together.” An aspect I truly liked and not something I would have expected from the author to do.

And she also concludes that no matter the future, she should engage in her feelings. So we get a short romantic part in this book as well. But compared to other series, it is relatively straightforward and not bad at allβ€” a positive surprise for me.

All in all, a good ending to this book series, but as written in the first review, I understand this as one book split into three parts. So expect to read all three books to get a story with an ending.


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