Review First of Their Kind (Chronicles of Theren Book 1)

I just finished reading First of Their Kind (Chronicles of Theren Book 1) by C. D. Tavenor.📚

Theren is an synthetic intelligence. At the beginning of the book, a research team creates him. But the world is not ready for intelligence next to themself. Can they achieve acceptance?


Please note that from here on out, the text can contain spoilers of the book.

I quite liked the setup of the book and the story. But at times, the reading was a bit slow. I cannot quite say why, but somehow I did not entirely mesh with the writing style.

The book reminded me a lot of the Bob series, but with more details on the actual philosophical question, such a synthetic mind poses. And what happens when you not only have one but thousand of such life forms.

Another nice touch to the book is the short blurbs from other sources showing the world’s changes from different POV at the beginning of each chapter. These helped with understanding the changes on Earth during the book.

I liked the ending of the book, and it hooked me up enough to read the next issue as well.


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