Review of And Then She Vanished (The Joseph Bridgeman Series Book 1)

I just finished reading And Then She Vanished (The Joseph Bridgeman Series Book 1) by Nick Jones.πŸ“š

Joe is at the fair with his little sister Amy. While he is distracted with winning a price for her, Amy vanishes without a trace.


Please note that from here on out, the text can contain spoilers of the book.

Usually, I’m not too fond of stories with time travel in it, as in most cases, the time-travel provides such an easy solution for the problem. But this book sounded interesting, so I gave it a chance. And I highly recommend it.

Joe is a likable main character and well written. He is still struggling with guilt about “losing” his sister as a teenager. And is not living his life at all. The book has overall good pacing. Only toward the end would I have wished it to be a bit faster. On the other side, I’ve enjoyed the overall slow pacing approach the author used in this book.

I liked the ending, and I did not see the solution coming at all. I’ve suspected until the very end that Joe caused the problem himself! And I was pleasantly surprised about the real culprit.


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