The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastards, Book 1)

I finished reading The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastards, Book 1) by Scott Lynch.πŸ“š Locke Lamora is a highly skilled thief and the leader of the Gentleman Bastards.

But his life starts our way less impressive. At first, he is just an orphan who gets plucked off the street by the local thief king. He trains orphans to steal for him. But Locke is too bold for this place and gets cast out of this organization. Finding himself in a new home with new unknown rules, he needs to learn.


Please note that from here on out, the text can contain spoilers of the book.

An excellent book; I’ve enjoyed every page of it. I generally like main characters who find a solution for every problem and create elaborate plans to achieve their goals.

I’ve also noticed how extra time was invested in world-building β€” for example, the utterly different understanding of medicine and how bodies work. It creates a good immersion point into the story. It’s not like we are in a middle-aged setting, and they know about seconds and germs.

A particular highlight was the chapter in the past when Locke gets his education. The author managed to write the interactions between a little boy and his teacher spot-on: A bit sober and a bit whimsical.

I’ve noticed some variances in the language used by the author. In the interlude where he introduces Jean Tannen, we have a change in tone. Β This change feels strange and also like a step down to a more straightforward language. Luckily it was only in this part of the book.

Overall, a solid start to the series, and I plan on continue reading it.


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